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“Raises expectations for our child and us as parents. Have provided greater hope and empowerment for now and for the future. Creatively inspiring. Increase confidence and independence for our daughter”

Parent of child attending pre-school

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In order to teach under-graduate students you will need to be a qualified conductor with minimum 5 years post-qualification experience in CE. By opting to host students you will become a part of the UK based training team and have the chance to meet with other conductors who are also supporting students.

Students will need a designated ‘Practice Tutor’ within their placement and to become a qualified Practice Tutor you will need to complete a post-graduate module. This can be done via Birmingham City University as a part of an MA programme OR directly through the Conductive College. For more information contact: Marie McCann.

Staff from the Conductive College will also need to visit your centre and discuss the competencies the students will need to experience. At this time they will also discuss your role in the process. Each centre registered to host students will be allocated a link tutor from the Conductive College to guide, support and carry out assessments and obs3ervational visits for the students.

If you are interested in becoming a Practice Tutor and/or your centre wishes to host student placements please contact us.

The Open College Network, West Midlands http://www.opencollnet.org.uk/qualifications/ocnwmr-qualifications/conductive-education have validated a Level 3 course which gives the title of ‘conductor assistant’. This is designed for assistants working alongside conductors who wish to develop their skills and understanding of CE. Conductors working with those who have qualified have commented how this has helped their everyday work as assistants develop skills and knowledge to help them become a full member of the conductive team.

As a conductor, with 5 or more years’ experience, you can register to teach this course via The Conductive College. Staff at the College will provide you with full support, course details, lectures and assessments. You will then teach assistants, usually from your own centre, at a time and rate to suit you. By becoming a lecturer in this area we can provide accredited training for assistants within their own workplace making it more relevant and meaningful for them.

Join the network of lecturers already teaching this course and help your assistants gain recognition, knowledge and skills for the important work they do. Contact Marie McCann for more details

Do you feel that at times you need an ‘external’ conductor to come into your centre/school to support you or your colleagues? It may be that you are facing specific challenges, want to discuss your work with another conductor or perhaps your management want to verify the quality of CE provision. The Conductive College has a broad range of very experienced conductors who can deliver training at your centre, support quality through observational visits and written reports, help you develop programmes etc. All consultancies are tailor made to meet your requirements. We have world wide experience and can support on a one-off or annual basis. Please contact Marie McCann for further information.

The Conductive College is planning to produce a professional journal for staff and students in CE. You will all have experience to share but may be afraid to take the step of writing an article! College staff will help you plan and design an article for publication, they will support you to write about your practice and share your experiences through the journal. The future development of CE and the development of the profession need more written information. Please don’t let your experience go to waste – share it with pride. Contact Theresa Kinnersley for more information: TKinnersley@conductive-education.org.uk

The Conductive College has worked very hard to get greater acceptance for conductors as a profession. This includes the unique opportunity to gain an MA in CE – the only one worldwide! Conductors often undertake additional training in related fields but very little in the field of CE. We have now constructed modules to help develop CE to a higher academic and practical level. These modules will encourage you to think about your work, challenge your thinking and help you become more confident in your own profession. They will of course also provide the chance for a higher qualification which is so important in our field. All modules are delivered in blocks to minimise disruption from your work and are designed for conductors working full time in their own centres.


Please contact Marie McCann for more details