Conductive Education is a philosophy, one based on the human concept of potential, learning and development of skill. This approach complements a range of existing professional approaches in the field of neurological motor disorders. All courses and workshops are aimed at providing a new, innovative approach to people with movement disorders. This approach can enhance current thinking and practice for professionals in wider fields.Courses are suitable for teachers, therapists, nurses, allied healthcare professionals and others working in the field.

In addition to courses and workshops we are also able to provide short lectures and/or presentations to groups of staff.

The Conductive College

Continuing professional development programme

2023 for Experienced Conductos.


10 January – What’s my ambition and how do I achieve it?

7 February – Developing your management style to enable success

7 March – Revisiting The Group as the social basis for learning

18 April – Re-evaluating the Daily Routine as tool for learning

16 May – Engaging others – ensuring the message fits the context

£100 for the block or £25 per individual session

For Newly Qualified Conductors or those with less than 5 yrs experience

21 April – Creating a CPD Plan – taking control of your own development

19 May – Sharing the passion. Talking about CE in language that others can understand

23 June – Combining observation, facilitation and information; Making sense of the Initial Consultation

22 September – Applying theory to practice in the real world; Developing The Group as the social basis for learning

13 October – Communicating and utilising outcomes; Recording change and progress

10 Novemeber – What next? reviewing the CPD plan and developing expertise

£150 for the block of CPD teaching or £30 each individual session

Along-side this we can also provide a 4 hour programme of practice based support (2x 1hr meeting with Practice Tutor at beginning and end of this CPD block, plus one x 1hr observation in group plus feedback and discussion). On successful completion of this ENTIRE programme the conductor will be awarded the NQC cerificate reflecting the competency based programme of post-graduate learning awarded by the Conductive College.

Please contact Dr Theresa Kinnersley for more information about any of the above on 0121 442 5556 or email