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Within the field of Conductive Education we recognise the vital and valuable work carried out by skilled assistants. Assistants support conductors in their work and are key to the success of any conductive programme.

The Conductive College, in conjunction with AIM have accredited TWO courses for those wishing to gain formal qualifications as a conductor assistant.

LEVEL 3 Certificate in Conductive Education – Conductor Assistant Qualification

This course is taught part-time whilst fully employed. It is usually run by conductors working at your centre. Please ask your centre for more details or contact for a list of places offering this course.

For details on the units see below:

COST: £198 + £90 AIM registration fee.

LEVEL 4 Certificate for Higher Level Conductor Assistant


This course is accessed via remote lectures, taught by The Conductive College, and is for assistants who are currently employed in CE centres where there is a recognised Practice Tutor. This course will provide you with a recognised qualification to lead parts of the conductive session/day. For some assistants this may pave the way to moving onto a BA Hons Conductor Qualification.

Please ask your centre for more details or contact to find out more.

For details on the units see below:

COST: You will attend weekly 2 hour online teaching sessions/tutorial support across a whole academic year (September to July) as well as working in your practice base.

The cost per learner is £975.00 + £84 AIM registration fee.*

*The prices displayed on AIM website are the per-learner registration and certification charge only.