Donate Today

The money we receive through our charitable activities is used to provide direct services, specialised equipment, trips and fun activities for all the children and adults we work with. We also need vital funds to ensure that the building is welcoming, comfortable and provides a positive learning environment.

Give a one off donation – your money can:

Directly support our services:

  • £10 can buy lunch meals in our Red Boots School for a day

  • £20 can help subsidise a 1.5 hour session for adults with a neurological condition

  • £50 can fund a programme or activity specially designed for disabled children and adults

  • £100 can provide a 1.5 hour session for a disabled child and parent at a time they need it most

Fund vital specialised equipment needed for the children and adults:

  • £10 can buy a soft mat to help ensure people are able to work comfortably

  • £50 can buy specialised toys or equipment to help learning everyday living skills