“Raises expectations for our child and us as parents. Have provided greater hope and empowerment for now and for the future. Creatively inspiring. Increase confidence and independence for our daughter”

Parent of child attending pre-school

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Tadgh’s Story

Tadgh has been attending NICE since he was 3 years old. His parents have seen a notable improvement both physically and intellectually due to the care and and dedication of the NICE team.

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Tadgh has come on so much since attending NICE. It is great to see him want to interact, and how, with his newly learnt skill of walking with a walker.

Tadhg’s Mum

Mary’s Story

Mary suffered a stroke whilst in the womb causing damage to her developing brain. Her parents were devasted and frightened because they had no idea how it would affect Mary in the long term. Mary was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy at 7 months old.

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Coming to Conductive Education has been the single most important influence on Mary’s development. It has had a massive impact on not only her life but our family life as well.

Mary’s Mum

Abdur-Rahman’s Story

Abdur-Rahman was born 10 weeks premature. Soon after birth, he was diagnosed with cysts on the brain and spent 9 weeks in hospital. Not long after he was discharged from hospital, Abdur-Rahman was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy with extra muscle tone.

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Abdur-Rahman’s future is now so much more positive. He has become a sociable happy child who can now engage with his surroundings and is an active member of the group at NICE which he attends alongside his local nursery.

Abdur-Rahman’s Mum

Emily’s Story

Emily was born with a rare genetic disorder that means that her development has been significantly delayed both mentally and physically. She struggles with the day-to-day development that comes naturally to most children.

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I have seen first-hand how devastating it is to parents to receive a diagnosis such as the one we received. I can’t begin to tell you the positive impact the Charity has had on our lives. The biggest gift you can give parents of a disabled child is hope for the future. This is exactly what the charity has provided to us.

Emily’s Mum


Francesca’s Story

Francesca is 26 years old and was born with Athetoid cerebral palsy which affects her speech and muscles and causes involuntary motor movements through-out her whole body. When she was growing up, her mum and dad took her over to Hungary to the Pető Institute twice a year, for a couple months at a time, starting at age three.

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Conductive Education has helped me get back every-thing I had lost, and given me more confidence in myself and my abilities.


Esther’s Story

My name is Esther Baston, and I volunteer for NICE Centre for Movement Disorders. The reason for me wanting to become a volunteer was because I have completed my BA Degree in Tourism and Business Management.

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I love volunteering at NICE every Wednesday because I work with the Fundraising and Marketing Team and help to make a difference.

Esther Baston

Sue’s Story

I am a sufferer of Parkinson’s. 14 years ago, when I was 53 years old I first noticed the little finger of my left hand begin to shake. I visited several consultants who each gave a diagnosis of Parkinson’s – and very little else. Before this I had a busy job as a language teacher and life was very full. My GP, a trusted and knowledgeable family doctor was not able to suggest anything or anywhere I could go for help. Devastated by this, I came away feeling lost and terrified with nowhere to go.

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NICE has taught me strategies to keep me mobile and avoid falling including the use of words and counting to help me move with more confidence.


Christine and John’s Story

Someone in the UK has a stroke every five minutes. Chris had a stroke when she was 69. After 5 months in hospital she came home in time for her 70th birthday party. But her life couldn’t have been more changed.

Before her stroke Chris was enjoying recent retirement from a fulfilling career as a secondary school teacher. She had taught an impressive of mix of languages and maths.

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Progress is slow and steady, but for Chris, each and every success is life-changing. She can now make her own cup of tea, and she can also use the toilet independently.

Elaines’ Story

My name is Elaine and I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1988 but it was thought that I had probably had it for 10 years before that. I have Primary Progressive MS which, fortunately for me, has progressed very slowly.

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Without doubt, the support of Conductive Education enabled me to continue a fairly normal life with MS.


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