We’re really excited to launch NICE’s first ever Anniversary Challenge – the 35 Challenge – to celebrate 35 years of NICE supporting families affected by movement disorders!

Join in by picking a challenge based around the number 35 and get your friends and family to sponsor you.

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When do I need to complete my challenge?

From Monday 14th March – the start of Conductive Education Awareness Week – until Sunday 17th April – Easter Sunday – you will have 35 days to complete the 35 Challenge!

Everyone who completes their challenge will receive a NICE 35 Challenge certificate to celebrate your achievement.


What do I need to do to take part?

  1. Pick your 35 challenge from our examples or get creative and think of your own
  2. Let us know what you’ve decided to do by completing the registration form
  3. Get fundraising! Ask your family and friends to sponsor you via a Facebook Fundraiser (how to set up a Facebook Fundraiser) or using our sponsorship forms (get in touch to request)
  4. Complete your challenge by 17th April and let us know how it went! Email us or get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  5. Share your story and photos with the hashtag #NICE35challenge


How will my challenge make a difference?

Everything you raise will make an amazing contribution to NICE services working with disabled children, adults and their families:

    • £100 will help towards funding 6 adults with a neurological condition to access Conductive Education as a crucial part of their journey to improving their quality of life
    • £500 will help towards funding a group for our youngest children and their parents at a time when they need our help the most
    • £1,000 will help towards funding a school aged pupil to access our specialist approach for a whole year, ensuring that they receive the most possible opportunities to develop vital skills for their lifelong journey

What can my challenge be?

There are lots of different ways to have fun and raise money with our 35 Challenge. You can:

  • Get Moving
  • Get Learning
  • Get Creative
  • Wheel, walk or run 35 miles over the 35 days
  • Hold a dance challenge with family and friends
  • Learn 35 makaton signs – 1 a day
  • Read a poem/short story book a day
  • Raise funds for NICE over 35 days however you like
  • We’d love to hear about your ideas!
Register for the 35 challenge!
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