Fundraise in your community

Welcome to NICE’s community fundraising page! We’re thrilled that you’re considering supporting our mission to support children and adults with movement disorders. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of the families we support. Here, you’ll find ideas  to help you plan and execute successful fundraising events and activities within your community.

Have a look at these ideas for community fundraising

1) Coffee morning

Host a coffee morning where friends, family, and neighbors can gather for a cup of coffee or tea and delicious treats. Encourage attendees to make a donation, and consider adding a bake sale or raffle to increase funds raised.

2) Pub Quiz Night

Organise a pub quiz night at a local venue or community centre. Create an exciting trivia event and charge an entry fee for participants. Offer prizes for the winning team or individuals, and don’t forget to promote our cause throughout the evening.

3) Sponsored challenge

Undertake a sponsored challenge to raise funds for NICE. Whether it’s a sponsored walk, run, swim, or bike ride, set a target distance or duration and ask friends, family, and colleagues to sponsor your efforts.

4) Community Fun Run

Organise a community fun run or walkathon in partnership with local businesses or organisations. Set a registration fee and encourage participants to gather sponsorships from their networks. Ensure the route is accessible and inclusive for participants of all abilities.

5) Charity Auction

Arrange a charity auction where local businesses, artists, and individuals donate products, services, or experiences. Host the auction at a venue or conduct it online, allowing community members to bid on items and support our cause.

6) Dress-Down Day

Coordinate a dress-down day at workplaces, schools, or community groups. Participants make a donation to wear casual attire or themed outfits for the day, showcasing their support for NICE.

7) Garage Sale or Car Boot Sale

Clear out unwanted items from your home and host a garage sale or car boot sale. Advertise the event in your community, and donate the proceeds from the sales to our organisation.

7) Community Concert

Organise a community concert featuring local musicians, bands, or choirs. Secure a venue, sell tickets, and promote the event to attract attendees who appreciate great music and want to contribute to a worthy cause.

7) Craft Fayre

Host a craft fayre where local artisans and crafters can showcase and sell their creations. Charge a small entrance fee for attendees, and encourage vendors to donate a portion of their sales to NICE.

7) Donation Drives

Collect specific items or supplies needed by NICE through donation drives. For example, gather mobility aids, educational materials, or art supplies. Partner with local businesses, schools, or community centers to serve as drop-off locations.

Get Involved

Beyond fundraising, there are numerous ways to support our cause. Explore volunteer opportunities, share our mission on social media, and participate in our awareness campaigns. Your involvement helps us create a more inclusive and empowering future for individuals with motor disabilities.

Share Your Success

We’d love to hear about your community fundraising events and activities! Share your stories, photos, and success on our website and social media platforms. Inspire others to get involved and demonstrate the collective impact we can achieve when we work together.

Thank You

On behalf of everyone here at NICE, we extend our deepest gratitude for your commitment to improving the lives of individuals with motor disabilities. Your dedication and support are instrumental in empowering our community and creating a more inclusive society.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, need assistance, or want to discuss your fundraising ideas, please reach out to our fundraising team. We’re here to provide guidance, offer support, and help you maximise the impact of your efforts.