Red Boots Preparation for School (3–4 yrs)

The Red Boots Preparation for School sessions are designed for children aged 3-4 years and offers an opportunity for them to work in a small group without their parents. This is an important stage in their life and it is important that they start to understand how they can use their movement skills to develop their confidence, social skills and access academic learning.

The sessions run weekly for 2.5 hours. For most children this works alongside their statutory nursery provision and provides that all important boost to their learning. Early intervention is extremely important to help the child develop towards their potential. Based on their observations, Conductors will advise parents whether these structured sessions will be beneficial for their child.

Sessions include the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and are structured to ensure that each part of the session involves physical activity. This helps the child start to learn basic movement skills, and understand the role of movement in our everyday lives. Everyday skills such as toileting, dressing, moving around, communication, playing, eating and drinking are an integral part of this service.

Your child may be in a special nursery or a local mainstream nursery. Conductors will work with other agencies to help promote the widest opportunities for your child and become a part of the wider team supporting you and your child towards their primary schooling years.

These sessions are free for families but will use the Early Education Entitlement hours.