“Raises expectations for our child and us as parents. Have provided greater hope and empowerment for now and for the future. Creatively inspiring. Increase confidence and independence for our daughter”

Parent of child attending pre-school

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Stay, Play and Learn

The Milestone Club is for children who are displaying a delay in meeting their milestones of child development. Our service focuses mainly on movement delay but we appreciate that this does not often happen in isolation. Parents are often the first to notice that there is a concern with their child’s development. This may be due to a recognised condition or maybe the reason is still to be confirmed. Whatever the situation it is vital that you are able to access specialist support and advice as soon as possible.

The sessions run on a daily basis for 1.5–2 hours and are designed for parents and children under the age of 3 years. Parents can join these sessions, with their child, once or twice a week and come together to meet other families in a similar situation.

The sessions offer an opportunity to work as a part of a small group and take part in a range of activities designed to promote the development of your child. The conductors will show you techniques for helping your child develop and ways of engaging them in play and other everyday activities.

Following the session parents have an opportunity to chat and share ideas, concerns and achievements. These sessions provide an excellent start for both the parents and the child and help start the process of developing those important skills as the child grows.