Whilst conductors will understand the underlying neurological conditions they cannot understand the range and impact of this on each individual without meeting them. The initial consultation lasts for one hour and provides a valuable opportunity for you to discuss your child’s progress, challenges and your goals for them in the future. During the consultation the conductor will observe your child’s movements, explore what s/he can do and give you advice on how our services may help. It is an important part of the process as it will provide you with detailed information on whether Conductive Education can help your child and how it may be beneficial.

Following the consultation you will be sent a written report outlining the conductors’ observations and recommendations. If, during this time, we feel that our services will not be beneficial we will tell you and try and help you find other services for your child. However for the majority of children attending we are able to offer a place and it is only at this time that you need to decide if you would like to go ahead or not.

If you are unsure whether your child could benefit from Conductive Education please apply for a consultation and find out exactly what is possible.