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“Raises expectations for our child and us as parents. Have provided greater hope and empowerment for now and for the future. Creatively inspiring. Increase confidence and independence for our daughter”

Parent of child attending pre-school

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This service is designed for children with dyspraxia or developmental co-ordination disorder. Sessions are concentrated into a one hour session in order to help children learn to focus on how they perform movement skills. Movements are broken down into small steps to help children develop the co-ordination, balance and fluency of movements they need in everyday life.

The programme includes a series of tasks all carried out in a rhythmical way. This enhances the brain’s co-ordination and promotes a higher level of learning. Children with dyspraxia or DCD may practise tasks time and time again but with no real success. This is frustrating for the child. In order to develop and learn skills the child must be taught ‘how’ to perform the movement and not just ‘what’ to do.

Many children attending these sessions are in mainstream school but finding it hard to keep up with their peers. A one hour chance, each week, to work alongside other children in a similar situation can help children emotionally as well as physically. It is important that each small step of success is celebrated and the child starts to see what they are capable of. This in turn helps them within their school environment.