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“It is great to come somewhere that understands my husband’s condition. He does not feel that he is the only one now and he is benefiting from the sessions.”

Wife of adult participant

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Our approach to the recovery from stroke is to see it as a learning process – a relearning of skills necessary for each person. Participants may have just had a stroke or may have just finished a period of intensive rehabilitation. Whatever stage the participant is at we can help them to work towards increasing the range and control of their movement skills, therefore increasing level of activity during daily tasks.

Traditionally once someone has finished their statutory rehabilitation, either in hospital or in the community, they feel that they can no longer improve. This is not so. The human brain has a tremendous capacity to learn and develop and although it may take longer to learn new skills improvement is always possible.

In 2012 we completed a three year research project investigating the benefits of Conductive Education for stroke survivors. This project was funded by Birmingham City Council (Adults and Communities) and showed evidence of significant progress in people 3 or more years post stroke (Click here to see the Stroke Research project).

In the sessions conductors will assess the skills the participant has regained and look for future potential. This may be small steps towards regaining movement, it may be increasing confidence or it may be improving the co-ordination and level of skill of all movements. We also offer additional sessions to help improve speech and communication; Conversational Café.

All sessions take place within a diagnosis specific small group (max 6 people) and each participant is helped to carry out a range of movements designed to support daily activities. We also recognise that the wider family are also living with the condition but from a different perspective. We therefore offer advice and support to carers and family members as well.