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“It is great to come somewhere that understands my husband’s condition. He does not feel that he is the only one now and he is benefiting from the sessions.”

Wife of adult participant

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MS affects each person in very different ways. Personal goals will therefore vary greatly. For one participant it may be balance and walking around the house, for another it may be dressing and getting in and out of the car. Equally for many it may be the ability to continue to work or play an active role in family life.

Whilst MS is a progressive condition there are many strategies which can be taught to ensure maximum use of the movements the participant has; as well as helping to prevent possible secondary problems. As one part of the body becomes weaker there is a tendency to compensate with another part. This may work for some time however places an additional strain on specific parts of the body. Over time this can lead to secondary problems which may have been avoidable. Conductors will work with the participant to develop and maintain all movements. They will analyse how the person moves and give advice for reducing fatigue and gaining greater independence in all daily activities. By learning how to control movements we find that everyone shows an increase in confidence which in turn leads to an increased level of daily activity. All sessions take place within a small group (max 6 people) and each participant is helped to carry out a range of movements designed to support daily activities. We also recognise that the wider family are also living with the condition but from a different perspective. We therefore offer advice and support to carers and family members as well.