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“It is great to come somewhere that understands my husband’s condition. He does not feel that he is the only one now and he is benefiting from the sessions.”

Wife of adult participant

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Whilst conductors will understand the underlying neurological condition they cannot understand the range and impact of this on each individual. This is the first step for any participant who wishes to know whether CE will be of benefit to them. The session is run on an individual basis where the person is able to bring a family member or friend with them. It provides an opportunity to meet with conductors, discuss specific difficulties which may be faced and find out more about how Conductive Education may help.

Much of the written information on CE is general and this one hour session provides the opportunity for the participant to personalise this information. CE is based on building upon abilities and seeking to develop potential. The conductors will use their time to explore individual potential, taking into consideration the problems faced by the participant, and looking for ways of moving towards gaining an increased control over movements and quality of life.

The initial consultation is carried out with two experienced conductors. During the sessions conductors will ask the participant to carry out some practical movements. These are aimed at providing baseline information enabling the conductor to set specific individual aims with the person. There are no tests or examinations of movements but each participant will be guided and assisted to perform a range of basic movements.

Following the initial consultation each participant will receive a written report setting out the observations, how CE can help, and any recommendations for a suitable programme. It is only on receipt of this that the person needs to decide if they wish to take up the recommended placement.

Participants who have attended in the past have commonly reported that it is a very relaxed atmosphere which provides them with the opportunity to talk about their own goals and gain a clear understanding of the work.