Our vision is of a society where children and adults with neurological motor disorders are respected as having potential to learn and are supported in achieving this.


Our mission is:

To push the boundaries of human potential for children and adults with neurological movement disorders by teaching them, through Conductive Education, a range of skills that promote an active lifestyle and new opportunities in society.

To deliver training activities which challenge perceptions on the abilities of children and adults with neurological movement disorders and the ensure standards of excellence in Conductive Education.


Children and adults with neurological motor disorders have the right to highly specialised teaching relevant to their individual needs and wishes.
Conductive Education should be made more readily available and accessible as a choice for education and/or rehabilitation.
Families of children and adults with motor disorders should be viewed as experts and play a role in developing services to meet their needs.
To provide a safe environment in which children and adults can thrive, learn and develop, where all aspects of their welfare will be protected and where they feel valued and listened to.

Strategic Priorities

  • Increase awareness of NICE in order to maximise recruitment to services and maximise income opportunities 
  • Ensure full range of service provision remains sustainable 
  • Ensure there is a range of services on offer that meet the needs of our families and supporters 
  • Ensure we have the staffing expertise at NICE to meet these needs 
  • Increase the external profile of NICE within the field of CE 
  • Ensure our fundraising is able to maximise income from all areas of fundraising