Ultimate responsibility for the Foundation resides with the membership, which exercises its power through a Board of Trustees. The Board comprises both elected members and the nominees of certain institutions with elected members always in the majority. The Board meets routinely four times a year and is joined in its discussion by co-optees from users and staff and by the Foundation’s directorate. A vital function of the Board is to review at every meeting the progress of the Foundation’s development plan. All trustees are the directors of the company.

All our Trustees have current or past experience of being a trustee, director or partner in either a charity, commercial or professional organisation.

David Wood – Chairman of Trustees

Andrew Moss

Keith Dudley

Anthony Coombs

Graham Coombs

Les Lawrence – Birmingham City Council

Jayne Titchener

Councillor Diane Donaldson – Nominated Trustee, Birmingham City Council

Elaine Jones – Co-opted Trustee, Adult services

Kevin Mattinson – Birmingham City University

Sara Burns

Lisa Bryan – Co-opted Trustee, Children’s Services