Our head of year group Fiona Bilsborough, her daughter Emily, and sister Wendy are taking on another challenge to raise funds for NICE!

Read on to find out more about their exciting new challenge.

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We’re at it again! I’ve managed to persuade my family this time. My sister Wendy Twist and my daughter Emily Bilsborough are hoping to complete a triathlon at Blenheim Palace on the 1st June 2024. Hopefully no twisted ankles as the Twists and Billy’s are swimming, cycling and running for Red Boots primary school children. We’re part of a wider charitable trust National Institute of Conductive Education (NICE). A charity supporting those with movement disorders.

A very ambitious task as we’re not that fit, but decided to adopt the philosophy of the charity ‘WE CAN’ and hopefully with your support and generosity to donate, we will raise an incredible amount, which will help funds the vital services NICE provides!

After buying all the gear but with no idea (a decent pair of running trainers) Emily and I joined a very ambitious group of runners for our first attempt at 5K. We were both tempted to dip out at the first sight of a dark alley home, but managed to run (mainly walk) the full distance. I’m sure I was twice the age of most of the group put together, but I did have new trainers! We were elated to finish, so we’re going back next week for another attempt. Five months to master this – next on the shopping list – wetsuit and bike.


Tuesday 7th May 2024

It started well with the ‘Run, Talk, Run JQ running group, but after two runs with some very fit young’uns I decided that maybe I should start with the couch to 5K at my own pace. This was all going well, but on week 7 when I had excelled to 25 minutes nonstop running was overtaken by an elderly gentleman in Cannon Hill Park! Slightly deflated and following this celebrated my 57th birthday for at least two weeks, I decided to get back to it. All prepared to cycle to work and take a slow jog around the park at lunch time it decided to rain nonstop. I do consider myself a fair weather trainer! So I will start tomorrow? Fiona Manyana Bilsborough. Meanwhile my daughter Emily has continued with the young running group and is happily completing a 5K each week – no problem. She’s yet to swim and cycle I hasten to add! Whilst Wendy my sister has decided to completely ignore the challenge ahead and has been on two skiing holidays (could be seen as fitness training?), and two beach holidays in Greece and Ibiza (no training whatsoever, but preparing herself for England’s heat in June)? I think I can safely say that we’re very under prepared but slowly getting there

Wednesday 8th May 2024

I’m furious!!! I managed to pick up a speeding ticket when driving down to Cornwall last weekend. I wouldn’t mind but the ‘SLOW DOWN’ signs when I’m cycling usually indicate for me to ‘SPEED UP’ Maybe I’ll cycle to Cornwall next time – next challenge maybe?

Saturday 11th May 2024

I challenged myself with a cycle ride to Cannon Hill Park and a slow jog around the lake a few times. I figured that this was nearly the distance I will be running and cycling on triathlon day? This went pretty smoothly and I was rather chuffed with myself that I completed it not too worn out. My sister meanwhile had taken herself for a ‘training’ weekend in Devon. Again possibly climatizing herself for the heatwave in June! I must give her credit as she did manage to cycle 20K and jog 5K – I think she may now be exceeding my expectations! My daughter Emily has signed up for swimming sessions, something me and Wendy have not attempted yet. I am planning to book myself in for some outdoor swimming this Thursday at Bittel Lake let’s see how that goes. I do have a new wetsuit that was bought for my birthday! Not to be mistaken by my birthday suit! Mind you my brother has booked to come for a Chinese meal that night – not sure which challenge to choose? It’s a difficult one! Maybe he could stand at the finish line with a chicken chow mein?

Monday 13th May 2024

It was a pretty hectic day at work so decided to give my organised gym session a miss. Just settling in for the evening thinking I had managed to get away with it when my younger daughter, Katie, talked me in to going for a run in the rain! Very chuffed with myself though as I managed 3K in 20 minutes only stopping twice. A well-deserved celebratory Gin and Tonic I think!

Ooh yes, I forgot to mention that I’ve managed to secure a live radio interview with BBC Radio WM on Tuesday 28th May at 11.15am. So, if you’re really at a loose end you can always listen in? I am slightly worried about my Brummie dialect and remembering what to say as at my age my memory doesn’t tend to serve me too well! You never know if the infamous Brummie Alison ‘Bab’ Hammond can sell Cherry Blossom Daz, the not so infamous Fiona ‘Bab’ Bilsborough may just be able to promote NICE’s Red Boots!!


You can support NICE by making a one-off or regular donation here or find out more about our upcoming events and other ways to get involved.

Fiona, Emily and Wendy’s Triathlon Challenge