Hello! My name is Fiona and I am very proud to say the New Head Teacher at Red Boots Primary School. My first introduction to NICE was back in June 2021 with the uncertainty of how the world would re-open safely. Sanitation and social distancing in the classroom was top priority, masks were still being worn, temperatures being taken, the constant cleaning of equipment, prevention in toy sharing; not the type of environment one would expect learning to be taking place, in fact quite the opposite! One would expect such restrictions to hinder the natural development of learning and growing friendships / relationships? However, despite these extreme restrictions I saw happy children and staff totally immersed in their conductive learning programme. Conductive Education was something new to me despite my 20 years in Special Needs Education and I was fascinated. 

I have always been an advocate for lifelong learning and can honestly say that my introduction to Red Boots seems the steepest climb in the shortest time! My focus initially was to spend time with the pupils, to get to know their personalities, capabilities, aspirations, likes and dislikes. I have spent much of my time in the classroom getting to know these wonderful unique individuals. They have certainly taught me a lot in my short time here. My interest has now extended to studying Conductive Education via the multi-disciplinary diploma. This has given me the opportunity to learn the theory, methodology and philosophy behind the practice, meet other trainees / conductors from around the world and to share good practice, knowledge and experiences.

The people I work with are amazing. Their passion for the cognitive, social, mental and physical development of our children is immense. They work tirelessly to ensure that all our children feel confident, learn, enjoy, achieve and work towards their personal intention of movement and communication for a more independent life. They work well together, are flexible, creative and always put the children in the centre of everything they do. 

I have also met with parents, professionals and carers to enable me to get a holistic view of the family and their support team to better understand the children. Many parents shared experiences of their journey to Red Boots, their joy in finding somewhere they feel best meets need and where their child is happy, learning, achieving and thriving. They can see the progression that their child has made and the passion of staff who go above and beyond to support them.

My vision is to further promote the philosophy and success of Conductive Education whilst working closely with link schools, families, children, staff, healthcare professionals and local government to give the service our children and their families deserve. Much emphasis here is placed on communication and movement the main components to healthy relationships, Independence and happy lives….something we all strive for! 

Fiona Bilsborough
Head of School