Veolia has proudly supported NICE in various ways since 2015. The work the charity does goes on to support families with someone living with movement disorders in Birmingham and supporting the local community aligns with Veolia’s values. Through supporting a great organisation, we have learnt how the funding has helped many of the service users, particularly through the challenging times of the pandemic.

NICE was successful in securing funding via the EnviroGrant scheme to help support The Milestone Club for children aged 0-5 years old with movement disorders. The charity helped the young infants to become more confident in becoming independent from their parents so they can rely less on them for day-to-day tasks and prepare them for Nursery when they leave the project.

Most recently, we sponsored the grounds at NICE in Birmingham. The funding went towards maintaining the gardens at the charity for 12 months for the service users to enjoy. Having a green space available has been proven to be beneficial to improving mental health so it’s important to have access to this to contribute to the wellbeing of the clients. As an environmental company, we’re always looking for ways to help improve the environment and bringing people together so funding this project ensured it would do both. We’re also passionate here at Veolia about giving back to the community and hope the green space can benefit as many people as possible.

Although service users may not have been able to enjoy the gardens due to the pandemic, biodiversity has been encouraged and the gardens have been maintained, whilst we work together as a nation to get back to business as usual. We always look forward to sharing updates with our team on the work NICE do and are pleased that we can contribute to help keep the charity doing what it does best – supporting families that need it most.

Shab Flintoft
Communications Manager at Veolia