Hello, my name is Leah and I joined as the new Administrator for the Children’s department in January of this year.

When COVID first hit I was still studying for my Law degree at University. We all had to adjust very quickly to online learning, something I’m certain all of the conductors, participants and parents at NICE are very familiar with!

I have always known that I wanted to work somewhere that impacts people’s lives in a positive way; and NICE is the epitome of that. It’s so motivating coming into work and seeing the children’s smiles when they come to school and to their sessions, and witnessing the impact of the brilliant work the conductors do.

Most of the blog posts you will read on here will be about how staff, parents and participants adapted once the COVID pandemic hit; but I joined during the midst of it all. For me, the adjustment will come when NICE completely returns to ‘normal’; when fundraising events can take place again with no restrictions, and when workshops can resume.

When I first started in my new role, many of the classes were still taking place online, and so I was only able to meet a few of the children and parents initially. This had both negatives and positives. It was difficult adapting to a new role when everything at NICE was unlike it had been before; and continuously changing. However, the centre was obviously far less busy which definitely helped when getting to grips with the tasks I needed to learn; and with learning everyone’s names!

Slowly the children began returning to face to face sessions and eventually, following the government’s announcement on the 8th March, everyone returned to school.

It was difficult trying to learn everything involved in my new role when the role itself was constantly altering due to changing restrictions; but all of the staff and parents couldn’t have been more helpful and understanding.

This is not just a typical administration role: I’ve gained more than just administrative skills. I’ve gained a wider understanding of movement disorders, of the determination and strength of parents, and of the perseverance children have.

I feel privileged to be in a position where I am the first port of call for parents who are searching for some support and advice, to be there to offer them understanding and reassurance, and to witness first-hand the outcome that conductive education has on their child.

I’m so proud to be able to say I work at NICE.

NICE’s New Administrator