Our aim is to try to provide a full range of flexible services to meet individual needs. Our commitment is to provide an initial consultation and introductory sessions free of charge to any new person wishing to access our services. Currently everyone is offered 6 free group sessions worth £252 following the free initial consultation.

This enables each participant to explore what they can gain from CE sessions and begin to understand how we may help them during the course of their condition. If you would like to know more about how we can help you please visit our condition specific pages or contact us.

We are the only centre in the West Midlands offering conductive education, a unique specialised form of rehabilitation. Based in south Birmingham people access our services from all over the country. We have been providing services for adults and children for over 35 years. 

What is it?

A programme of learning through our NICE Road to Wellness courses; conductive education teaches adults with acquired and progressive movement disorders strategies to gain greater control over their movements leading to increased confidence and skills.

All our services are highly specialised and tailored to meet the needs of the individual in diagnosis specific groups. We support you through our structured teaching and learning programme.

Download our Road to Wellness leaflet to find out more information about our approach to wellbeing.





Multiple Sclerosis


Cerebral Palsy


Other Movement Disorders